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Sign up for Eureka, this year’s terrific TD Summer Reading Program, for free activity books, stickers and access to workshops all summer long at public library branches across Canada.


Bookcentre logoVisit the Canadian Children’s Book Store for helpful tips on choosing the right books for your children.



Some sizzling titles for summer reading:

From Kids Can Press for ages 8 to 12From OWLkids Books for ages 4 to 8From ScholasticFrom Kids Can Press for ages 3 to 7

Parka Playtime

Head to Parks Canada’s national parks or historic sites this year for all sorts of activities just right for the kids. Young children will warm to Parka, the mascot character who has activity sheets and ideas for ways to explore and enjoy the world. Look for Parka in the summer issues of Chirp and Pomme d’api magazines. Check out Parka’s song and story, and download puzzles here at!



SUMMER Time Capsule

Create a capsule of keepsakes and record info about the kids as they are now at the start of another season of summer. Pop everything into a container (recycled coffee cans work well), decorate and seal it shut. Tuck it away in a safe place to be opened the last day of summer vacation or, if the kids have enough patience, exactly one year from the date of assembly. How have things changed or stayed the same?

Some ideas for contents:

  • What was your favourite part of school this past year?
  • What’s your favourite thing to play with?
  • What’s your favourite activity?
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • What’s your favourite book?
  • What’s your favourite video or TV show?
  • Who’s your best friend?
  • Is there a place you want to visit this summer?
  • Is there a project/craft/recipe you want to try?
  • What are you most looking forward to this summer?
  • Is there anything you DO NOT want to do this summer?
  • How tall are you?

Add a hand tracing, selfie photo and predictions about anything at all that they think might happen between now and one year hence.